Workshop – Pefkis


Pefkis Workshop

The magnificent of Orthodox iconography, as it was formed during over a thousand year – old Byzantine cultural tradition, lies in that it manages, through profound intellectuality, which the dematerialized, to make the ascetic figure that it narrates breath and lead to a transcendent way of worship and prayer, free of the earthy, the everyday, the insignificant.

In a way the worship which guides to another approach and a appreciation of the essence of life and things, more human, more realistic, truly free, it familiarizes man with his God the Creator. Exceptionally original samples of the unique art which have been bequeathed on us and are found in various places of worship, churches, monasteries, significant museums and private collections evoke even in today’s – distanced from God- man, instinctive admiration, respect , fear with their expressive perfection.

These extremely priceless treasures compose a source of themes for our workshop, which since 1980 ( year of establishment ) continues its production of copies of portable icons from the Byzantine period, contributing in this way , to the conservation as well as, to particular cultural heritage.

In our workshop, our skilled technicians and in particular our hagiographers, with a deep knowledge in the subject of their work but also the role of the icon in our econometric tradition, with a sense of responsibility and with absolute dedication to the traditional techniques and ,methods, print every copy on canvas in a gold sheet background with colors processed mainly with egg and other traditional material.

So, each of our icons, is not just a simple copy of the best possible authenticity of an original but a deposition of the soul, a work of the highest artistic quality with an autonomous value, processed with longing, zeal and above all faith in its holiness.

This is evident in the most distinct way from the samples of our work , which is presented in our pages, that that has distinguishes us at a national. As well as at an international level, because of each excellent quality, which, from this reason, marks our every piece of work.